Naples Bundled Golf Communities

Naples Florida is known as the "golf capital of the world". The concept of "bundled golf" has become very popular here. The term bundled golf is best described as the purchase of a residence that is bundled with the membership to the golf club at no additional initiation fee.

The advantages of bundled golf include:

-Savings on the initiation fee when you buy a residence, to the amount of $35,000 to well over $150,000.
-Lower yearly dues paid to the club. This is because every homeowner is a member and thus there are more members paying the yearly dues, lowering the cost per member.
-There is no waiting list to sell your membership separately when you sell your property.
-Bundled golf memberships can be easily transferred to a tenant, should you want to rent your property on a seasonal basis for 2 to 4 months. This added attraction of being able to play golf at the home club makes the property easily rentable. Most of the private equity clubs do not allow the golf membership to be transferred to a tenant.

The disadvantages of a bundled golf membership include:
-More golf members will normally mean that your individual playing time may be less than in a private equity club. Many of the bundled clubs in SW Florida have a maximum of 799 residences due to a zoning restriction, and in theory there are a maximum of 799 golf members. However, since Naples is seasonal, not everyone is here at the same time.

-Some people buy into a bundled golf community because they have friends there or because of the convenience of having a very close course to play, or because of the overall amenities of the development. Generally, there are more players in a bundled community than in a private golf equity community.

Naples Fl bundled golf course communities

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