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Communities in Naples Fl can be separated into gated (golf, non-golf, waterfront, high rises) and non-gated communities (non-golf, waterfront). The purpose of a gated community is to provide security for the residents. Some gated communities have a guard at the gate, while others have a mechanical gate or security patrols. 

Some of larger Naples gated communities, like Pelican Bay or Pelican Marsh have sub-communities within the main gate and may or may not have gates to get into their particular neighborhood. Meaning some owners have to pass through the main gate, and then through a gate to their subdivision. The second gate keeps those residents residing within the main gate from sightseeing through their neighborhood.

Naples gated neighborhoods started becoming popular in the 1980s, and by 2000 any new community designed to appeal to second home buyers was gated. When excluding the Golden Gate Estates area (middle eastern edge of Naples), well over 50% of the Naples land mass is gated.

"Guard at Gate" Communities
All the upscale Naples communities have guards, as well as most Naples golf communities (which most are also upscale). Pelican Marsh for example, with thousands of residents, has three separate gates, all with guards. Some Naples gated communities are very small; for example the Georgetown subdivision within Pelican Bay has a guard at the gate for only 36 homes.

"Mechanical Gate" Communities
A mechanical gate is a lot less expensive than having a guard at the gate and provides a lesser degree of security, but more security than a non-gated area.

"Non-Gated" Communities
Naples non gated communities were earlier built areas, primarily single family homes in western, central and south of Old Naples and east, including Golden Gate Estates, and Golden Gate City.

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