Selling Your Naples Fl Home

Buying and selling a home is a major emotional and financial event in one’s life. Your home is a valuable asset and either acquiring it or selling it in a competitive marketplace can be a complicated transaction. During the process of selling your Naples Fl property, we provide unparalleled service that starts with positioning the house for the current market conditions and continues through the life of the listing.

To enable a positive transaction, we only provide listing services in areas that we know very well.

We offer the following services to clients:

  1. Initial and on-going consultation
  2. Comparative market analysis (CMAs or "comps") - provision of up-to-date market information with recent closed sales and current listings to help you establish a realistic asking price utilizing "intelligent pricing", thereby bringing the maximum activity to the listing
  3. Comprehensive sales strategy
  4. Listing your property in the local MLS system exposing the listing to every agency, broker and agent within the system
  5. Introduce your listing to our network of over 400 agents
  6. Expose your listing to the large pool of qualified buyers at John R. Wood and introduce your listing to our affiliate network
  7. Pre-qualify buyers who are shown the property
  8. Help you stage your home for optimal results
  9. Market your home for maximum property exposure
  10. Act as mediator during the negotiating process to arrive at the best sales price
  11. Advise you on the inspection phase and possible contingencies
  12. Oversee your interests in all aspects of the sale of your property

Evaluating Naples properties for sale in any market requires skill, experience, a strong network and the right sales strategy. We have the skills, knowledge and the plan to get your property sold.

Contact us to help you sell your Naples Fl home today!

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